Chalk marker on window glass - Ormston House, Limerick - May 2014. [image: Mary Conlon]

In response to an open call by Street Line Critics & The Prequel Programme Collaboration to submit text-based work relating to Ormston House (9-10 Patrick Street, Limerick) ‘to share [my] thoughts on the legacy of this building and on the fabric of Limerick life over the years’ and that the ‘submission [could] take any form, 'even just one word that comes to mind when you think of the building’, I submitted the first thing that came to mind. ‘Nelly, a character that everyone who frequents Ormston House would be well acquainted with.’ Street Line Critics is a network of writers who share their thoughts, experiences, and insights about particular places and routes in cities using words of chalk as their medium. They offer alternative perspectives of how we see and use our public places. Opening up our streets through their musings and observations as a canvas to start a critical conversation with and about the city. By providing these impermanent monuments to the everyday, they are drawing attention to these spaces which belong to all of us and are engaging in a process of mapping out, through words, how a city is lived, walked, worked and used. If you are a writer or someone with an interest in words, Street Line Critics accept one-time contributions as well as longer-term memberships. For more information visit For more information visit

*quotes and writing taken and adapted from Street Line Critics