Roja Art Lab 2017

Irish Roja Art Lab 2017 participant Ciaran Nash was evolving an ongoing project of his titled “Occupy_SomethingSometimeSomewhere” in the context of the city of Roja and its surrounding environment. He had chosen to learn a new skill and attempt to construct large megaphone from ceramic using the facilities and tools to hand. He consided that the use of ceramic re-creates the megaphone, a device often used to call the public to order, as a more fragile tool in the generally not so compassionate mechanisms of law and dissent. A fellow artist in residence, Darta Sidere (LV) interpreted and translated a written text/poetry element of the project to Latvian so that it can be re-worked and performed to the Roja public. He had also photographically logged his impression of Roja using his text as a cue – Curator Maris Grosbahs.